Dandenong Family Law Court Lawyers

We provide an understanding approach, with realistic advice.

Our experienced Dandenong Family Lawyers  are well equipped to handle all family law related matters, including:

  • Separation and Divorce Issues.
  • Parenting, Parental Rights, Child Custody Issues, Child Protection.
  • Property and Financial Matters and Disputes.
  • Wills and Estates - Protect Your Loved Ones by making a Legal Will.
  • Contested Wills or Challenging a Will.
  • Executor administration and distribution of the deceased estate.
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Conveniently Located in Dandenong.

We provide a full and complete legal service.  Our lawyers and solicitors are conveniently located in 2 offices.  South Eastern Suburbs - Dandenong Office and Melbourne CBD.

Experienced Family Law Legal Team

At Pentana Stanton Lawyers, we make sure your family needs are met, and any concerns you may have are given due priority.  Our goal is for a positive and successful outcome for you. Your satisfaction with the outcome of your case is as important to us as it is to you.

Legal Disputes do not have to be messy and complicated.

Legal disputes can be emotionally charged and can  affect your family, career and even your livelihood - often resulting in difficulties and complex situations that can be hard to manage.

Get the best outcome for your situation.

With our combined years of experience in the legal field, Pentana Stanton Lawyers tackle each case with dedication and strategic planning, looking at all of the issues, so we can help guide you through the options available as well as tactically and strategically managing information, people and events to give you the best possible outcome.  

Working With Other Professionals Involved in Your Case.

Our lawyers  will work with you and other professionals, such as Accountants, Barristers and Psychologists who may also be involved.  We will work to solve your legal issues to achieve creative and workable solutions for your immediate problems, and for your longer term security.

2 Convenient Locations -  Dandenong and Melbourne CBD.

Our Lawyers and Solicitors are available in our conveniently located offices in South Eastern Suburbs - Dandenong Office and Melbourne CBD.

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We also offer legal advice on:

  • Parenting and Children’s Issues;
    • Child Custody Agreements and Rights
    • Child Protection Orders
    • Parental Rights in Custody Disputes
  • Financial and Property Matters;
    • Establishing a de-facto relationship
    • Selling property and transfers of land;
    • Superannuation splitting;
    • Long term medical,
    • Religious and educational decisions;
    • Inheritances;
    • Our experienced Lawyers cover all aspects of Australian Property Law.
  • Divorce, Defacto and Same Sex Break Ups
    • Time limits,
    • Required Criteria
  • Spousal maintenance
    • Can I claim spousal maintenance?
    • Am I likely to have to pay spousal maintenance?
  • Personal Injury Compensation and Entitlements
    • Accidents at Work (Workcover)
    • Motor Vehicle Accidents (TAC)
    • Public Liabilty
    • Personal Inury Insurance (Superannuation)

Our Best Family Lawyer Service Includes:

  • Friendly and understanding service for your Family Legal Matters;
  • Full and comprehensive advice;
  • Prompt drafting of any relevant documents;
  • Will and Estate drafting; Immigration advice and assistance from our Migration Lawyer and Migration Agent.
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"I talked to Pentana Stanton Lawyers about my case which was complicated and involved many different countries. There team of family lawyers understood the family law with the property law that’s was required for my case. And resolved it successfully, without me going to court, thus avoided unnecessary cost to myself."
Jia W

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